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G Sharing Together : GLi Donates PET Bottles to Chak Daeng Temple (Sep 2020)

G Sharing Together : GLi Donates PET Bottles to Chak Daeng Temple (Sep 2020)

     GLi is a part of waste separation to help protect the environment in order to organize the project name   “G sharing together : Zero Wasted project (reduce waste to zero, starting with ourselves)” by collecting the used clear plastic drinking bottles in handing over to the Environmental Learning Center (Posikha), Chak Daeng Temple, Samutprakarn Province for innovation recycle production process as a yellow robe recycle. Phra Ajarn Thipakorn Ariyo has received the non-used clear plastic drinking bottles from Khun Chaitaphat Laosirirat (Chief Executive Officer). At the same time GLi also support the solar cell panels for the construction of the Tripitaka School Building.


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     Phra Ajarn Thipakorn Ariyo gave a lecture about the correct ways of recycling waste management to the management and employee’s team. For the “recycled robes” are made from nanofibers obtained from PET plastic bottles or transparent bottles only. Chak Daeng Temple has to separation the labels and bottle caps and compressed into large square cubes to produce be a roll of cloth that contains 43% plastic. After that, the roll of cloth would be sent to Chak Daeng Temple for sewing according to the discipline by skill of volunteer technicians. A one piece of a yellow robe recycle using 15 clear plastic bottles.


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     The management and employees’ team have participated in the activity of painting the cloth bags which made from clear plastic bottles. This activity would help to strengthen the relationship together and also helping to save the world because the cloth bag can be used instead of plastic bags as well.

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