I (the complainant) choose the type of complaint*

Procedures and Channels of Complaints

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Submission of complaints

The complaints can be submitted complaints directly to the internal audit section of Grandline Innovation Co., Ltd. via the following channels :

  1. Whistleblower channel in the Company website : www.gli.co.th
  2. Call to the internal audit section via telephone number : +66 2538 1200 (during working hours)
  3. Mail to the internal audit section or make a complaint yourself as the company address :
    Grandline Innovation Co., Ltd. 333 Soi Ladprao 64, Yeak 12, Ladprao Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand
  4. e-mail to cg@gli.co.th

Whistleblower Policy

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 Whistleblower Objectives

  1. The Company has arranged for channels from all groups of stakeholders including the company employees to make complaints relating to any illegal actions or violations of behavior that indicate corruption or misconduct of individuals in the organization or make complaints relating to violation of corporate governance and business code of conduct to the investigation committee as appointed.
  2. The Company has established the whistleblowing framework for solving complaint problems fairly, with clear, transparent and auditable in line with the law principles, good corporate governance and business code of conduct including regulations of the company.
  3. In order to use the complaint information to improve and develop the operations of the company to increase more quality as well as preventing problems that are expected to occur in the future.

Measures to protect the whistleblower and the complainant

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Grandline Innovation Co., Ltd. has the fairness policy and provide protection to the company employees or all stakeholders who is the whistleblower or make the complaints relating to any illegal actions, regulations, business code of conduct, fraud as well as inaccurate financial reports or defective internal control systems. The company has the measures to protect the whistleblower and the complainant. The complainants or those who provide cooperation in the investigation of facts may choose to keep their identities undisclosed and the company will protect the identities and personal information of the complainant. The company will appoint the executive and section head of internal audit is directly responsible for the process involved in the review and investigate process and the will not reveal the name of the whistleblower, the complainant or the person who is the witness except for being disclosed to the person authorized to investigate the facts for efficiency and rapidly in the relevant operations.