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HR Officer

"I can say that GLi is my first home. I am so proud to be part of GLi because it is a well-established company. There are a good teamwork who always support and give advice as well as lovey colleagues."

Sales & Marketing Officer

"Good working atmosphere and welfare which make me to join GLi team. Even though I was a new graduate and I have not had any work experience yet, but GLi gives me the opportunity to be a part of the team."

Project Manager

"GLi make me able to open up the new perspectives. Every day of work is a challenge and GLi gives everyone the opportunity to share the opinions. I would like to thank GLi for give me the opportunities and encouraged me to be at this point."

Railway Engineering

"The thing that make me love GLi are the career paths and potential within the company. It encourages us to improve and develop ourselves. They provide intensive training which enables us to grow in our career path."

Software Engineering

"I chose to be a part of GLi because GLi is the modern organization and the executives have a new generation vision. GLi give employees the opportunities to improve themselves and has a warm working atmosphere like a family that helps each other."

Digital Solution Developer

"At GLi, there is the employee policy that want to improve the employees to grow with quality. GLi is not only creates Quality of Life for the customers but also aims to create quality of life for employees as well."

Account Executive

"Throughout the past 3 years, I have been challenged by work that seems like the world is spinning fast. I think that working here is faster than we think. We act, edit, and do it together. Our potential is developed and grow every day."


"At GLi, it’s like home also a warm family for me. Normally I have to work on projects-based location but sometimes I come to work at the office. When I work at the office, it seems meet with my family likes brothers and sisters who understood each other.

Graphic Designer

"At GLi, we continuously learn and develop ourselves in Design thinking. We accept every new challenge as well as creating innovation to deliver the best quality to the customers."

Digital Engineering

"I have the freedom to fully express my thoughts and show my abilities because GLi always gives their employees the freedom and opportunity to perform. Employees also have support from various other team. We respect and value."

Project Coordinator

"Something to make me love GLi, is an organization that has a path for us to grow. GLi helps us to become better all the time and give us the opportunities. We are happy to come to work here because we have teamwork to help each other."

Senior Sales

"Customer’s success is our pride. Serving customer with heart is not the only way to build impression and different choices for them but also creating a relationship beyond being their business partners."

Growing together with the Innovation Organization

Today, GLi is ready to welcome new members to drive business and create innovation in parallel with society and the environment for the ultimate goal of being a part of national development in every dimension.




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