GLi Business

Railway Engineering

GLi provides installation, test signaling
systems and power supply systems
as follows :

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Power Supply System for the Signaling System

  • UPS and Generator

Power Supply System for Trains

  • Traction Power Supply
  • Auxiliary Power Supply
  • OCS - Overhead Catenary System
  • Third Rail System
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Signaling System and Train Telecommunication System

  • Signal and Location Cabinet
  • Switching Device - Point
  • Track Circuit and IRJ – Insulated Rail Joint
  • Level Crossing System
  • Arial and Buried Cable
  • ARI & CBI – All Relay Interlocking and Computer Base Interlocking
  • ETCS - European Train Control System
    • ATP Wayside
    • ATP Train Borne
    • Track Data Collection and Survey
  • Network and Telecommunication System