GLi Business


GLi offers turnkey electrical engineering solutions,
covering design, sourcing, building, and installing
electrical engineering works. Our turnkey projects
are categorized by nature of work as follows :

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High Voltage Transmission Line System

From power generation sources, such as dams, thermal power plants and hydro power plants, electricity is transmitted to a power station or between stations through a high voltage transmission line system to remote areas. The voltage of high voltage transmission line system varies from 115kV to 500kV.

High Voltage Substation

Electricity from the generation plant will go through substations for voltage adjustment before being transmitted through a high-voltage transmission line and electricity distribution system for distribution to different types of users including manufacturing plants, communities, and houses. There are two types of substations: Air Insulated or Conventional Substation (AIS) and SF6 Gas Insulated Substation (GIS).

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Underground Cable System

Electrical pipes and conduits for underground high-voltage electricity transmission lines between power stations and a low-voltage transmission system to different types of users are ideal for areas where there is not enough space for overhead cables, such as in big cities, densely populated communities and places where the environment and landscape are under conservation.