GLi Business

Digital Solutions

GLi provides installation and consultancy
services related to digital technology
customized to client’s requirement as follows :


Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Solution

Provides comprehensive services in Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Professional Service to meet the customers requirement.


GLi has the professional team who will participate in every step of the process, from consulting and laying out the guidelines for the appropriate Cloud that has the most benefits from the Cloud, including after-sales maintenance services to ensure that the Cloud is ready for use at all times.

Communication and Security

The service covers from the Network Infrastructure to the security of the application, which is related.


When there is a problem, it inevitably affects the overall use. Therefore, the design must be considered in every area. GLi aims to create the best user experience from our communication systems experience as well as large-scale security.

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Big Data Solution

When collecting, filtering, analyzing, and processing a variety of data with the tremendous amount is a complicated and complex matter,


Therefore requires cooperation between the data owner with data management and analysis experts working together. GLi is ready to be a part in designing, installing, maintaining the system with the experience, as well as providing consultancy services related to Big

Data Solution.