Grandline Innovation Co., Ltd. conducts the business with a commitment to Advancement, Quality and Ethics.

These three management principles have driven

the company’s continuous and sustainable growth.



The advancement component is ensured by the company’s executives who operate the business and run all projects using cutting- edge equipment, tools and technology for the optimum benefit and maximum satisfaction of our clients.

GLi is a national infrastructure provider within the scope of information and communication technology, railway engineering and engineering. As our advanced equipment and technology have contributed significantly to support the nationwide development.


Also forms the basis of our business operations. We have ensured that our products and services meet the ISO 9001 standard when they are delivered to our clients. 

This policy forms the guideline for the company to strictly control our product and service quality. With this passion for quality, we can rest assured that our products and services are trusted by our clients and can support and further enhance national development across all dimensions.



is the third pillar of our management principle. We strongly believe that a good company must be sincere and honest both in its business operations and towards other stakeholders.

We have instilled this belief in all our executives and employees, cementing it as the true corporate culture adopted by everyone in the company and promoting high quality and breakthrough innovations of services and products delivered to our customers.